Davide's interview - December 2004
Day 1

I got there early, around 8 AM. After the security checks, the medical examination. This happened in three steps:

1. Checking of your papers, certificates, pictures and previous vaccinations.

Some things I have learnt: for MMR, the US protocol requires 2 doses administered with an interval of 4-8 weeks. Since in Italy the protocol requires only one dose, they told me to get the second dose after my arrival in the US.

2. Chest X-ray and blood samples.

3. Examination. Mine has been very fast, and quite superficial: eyesight, heart, testicles, prostate. They still ask you to show your hands. It took more time to undress and dress than for the exam itself.

At 12 they gave us the x-ray and a sheet of paper to surrender upon arrival in the USA.

Before leaving, fixed the appointment for the following day.

Day 2

Security check, and after a short wait they called me at the counter. I was very well prepared with all my papers in order; I was asked only to provide the birth certificate, military papers (Italy still has a draft so every male has to have discharge papers), passport and the criminal record certificates. They only glanced at the bank documents.

It was at that point that I provided the address in the USA where to send me the SSN and the Green Card.

After paying, another person called me at nearby counter. They scanned my fingerprints, and asked me if I had ever had any problem with the law or the US Immigration.

She asked me to speak English (it's not compulsory, but it is certainly better to do so if you can), and she asked about my college studies.. A few words on my studies, and then I started speaking about my plans for the US, the things I would like to do once there.

After an hour wait, the Consul arrived, and he gave me my passport back with a sealed envelope to give to the US Immigration upon my arrival in the US. That was it, the interview was a lot shorter and easier than I thought.

My recommendations are: be very punctual, very well prepared, make sure you have ALL the papers you are supposed to provide, and speak English when asked. Do not lie, stay calm, everybody is very kind and available.  Do not try to shortcut procedures, they are followed very closely.

If you have any further questions on my experience, post your questions on the Forum, I am active there.