Elisabetta's interview - January 2005

Day 1

I arrived with my husband and my son around 8:10 AM. There is a long line, and we only manage to get inside around 9. After the usual checks (we had to leave our cells at the entrance).

The medical check has been very informal, they even had my husband and I inside the same room together. My son is already a US citizen (he was born in the US), so he wasn't examined.

After the check, they gave us our x-rays and the list of vaccination we needed, telling us to provide proof of vaccination upon our entrance in the US.

Then appointment for the next day.

Day 2

This time they gave everybody a waiting number #, like in supermarkets. We found ourselves in a big room, talking with various people inside. Apparently, privacy is still not a big concern there. They called us after an hour or so, and they told my husband to go pay the fees at the Cashier desk and to bring back the receipts.

In the meantime, they called me and the Vice-Consul checked our papers, gave me back almost all the originals and asked me if I could speak English.

Then he asked me what I was doing, and what I planned to do once in the US. I briefly explained my previous experiences, and the various alternatives I was exploring. He told me to wait a little bit, but reassured me that it wouldn't take long.

The only question that surprised me "How many times have you applied for the DV Lottery?" Luckily I had checked, and I had found out that I had applied several years ago, so I was able to reply accurately.

The interesting thing is that at the cashier they asked that very question to my husband, who had completely forgotten about the previous application. That small contradiction was noted, and they asked further questions about it. The whole thing was clarified in no time, but the episode goes to show that they pay a lot of attention to your replies, and they are very quick in spotting contradictions.

Be sincere, my impression is that they had a lot of information about us to check our answers against.

Despite that episode, the interview was very friendly, and geared towards understanding our ability to live and reasonably succeed in the US. I never had the impression that they were trying to make us fail, on the contrary.