FAQ for winners - Phase 1
After the letter, you will receive a couple of forms to send back to the Kentucky National Center.

These are some of the questions we have received more often.

Form ds-230 part II page 1, #29: who is the petitioner? Is it the same thing they asked in #26?

Yes,  petitioner and lottery winner mean exactly the same thing.

Form ds-230, part  II, page 2, #33a & 33b: what do I answer?
If you do have a SSN just answer yes and write the # down.
If you do not have an SSN, answer NO.
Please note that the answer is yes even if you already have an SSN but you do not have a green card.

When you get to the following question: Do you want the Social Security Administration to assign you an SSN (and issue a card) or issue you a new card (if you have an SSN?"

Answer yes to this question and to the "Consent of Disclosure" in order to receive an SSN and/or a green card.

If you are not sure of the address you will want to receive the documents say "to be determined at a later date"; you will be able to provide an address at the Consulate at the time of the interview.