Every year, The American Government allocates around 50,000 green cards through the Diversity Lottery. It's quite unique, a Government Lottery with no entry fee, no money to win. You win a chance to emigrate to the USA, and to live there for the rest of your life if you want.

Since I first found out about the lottery, I have realized that many people know nothing about it, or that they have no idea on how to apply, so the whole idea of moving to the States remains just that, a dream. That's when we come in: a dream, sometimes, requires some instructions to become yours. 
This site attempts to provide all the information you need to file your application with the U.S.A. State Department for the Green Card lottery. The official name is Diversity Lottery, and it's a lottery of the U.S.A. Government where you do not win any money, but a permanent resident card, or green card.

The statue of liberty
Winners of the green card lottery receive the status of permanent residents and can move to the US with their immediate families without any restrictions, time limits, or any other conditions other that be law-abiding. In other words, a Green Card is a visa for life: it entitles you to settle, work and live permanently in the USA. After 5 years of residence, you will be able to apply for citizenship. We became American citizens, and we're very happy we did.

Moving legally to the USA today is very difficult. Visa regulations are complex, joining your relative can take several years, or you need to have very strong professional qualifications in certain fields.The Green Card Lottery is an amazing opportunity for those who are really keen to moving to the USA, but can't or do not want want to go through the slow costly and uncertain immigration procedures. Certainly, winning the lottery is uncertain as well. But the lottery is free, and does not require that you have family here.

I won the DV lottery in 1998, a time when information on the Internet was far scarcer than now, and started this site to fill a gap I had felt when searching for information on the DV lottery. The site is still on, and 11 years later the amount of people visiting and interacting on the forum has increased so much. The site though is still free, and will remain free.

We hope these pages will be the beginning of a life-changing journey for many of you.

Before starting, please read the Disclaimer carefully.

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