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Benefits offerti
Ho trovato una lista che mi sembra interessante di componenti della vostra compensazione totale.

Total Compensation

This includes base salary, medical, dental, vision and retirement benefits. Quello che dovete guardare in America e' che anche la parte medica cambia da societa' a societa'. Non sono obbligati a pagare niente delle vostre spese mediche, e quindi bisogna capire bene quanti soldi bisognera' tirare fuori ogni mese per le spese mediche, e che livello di assicurazione offrono.

Retirement benefits: qui c'e' un sistema VOLONTARIO che si chiama 401k. Praticamente ogni mese potete mettere via in un conto speciale una parte del vostro stipendio. Un po' come il TFR italiano, solo che la % che il datore versa e' anche volontaria. Questo e' un buon articolo per capire di piu' http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf000858.tip.html

Fatelo comunque, perche' i vantaggi fiscali sono forti e poi perche' e' una buona disciplina per risparmiare.

Quality-of-Life Factors

What are the company's policies regarding vacation, child/eldercare, parental leave, telecommuting policies and relocation requirements?

Performance Parameters

Do the performance expectations, time period given to achieve those goals and annual bonuses seem right for you?

Job Structure

How much domestic and international travel is required?

Resources and Support

What technical and interdepartmental support will you get from IT, marketing, accounting and customer service?

Career Development

This includes tuition assistance, professional development, mentoring and coaching.

Stress and Time

Exactly what are you getting yourself into, and are you being compensated for it? Take note of peak work hours, parental leave policies, telecommuting policies and frequency of required relocation.

Help with Transition

The relocation package, signing bonus, and assistance with job search and relocation for your partner/spouse can be a nice add-on and might even tip you off as to how much the company wants you to join the team.
The Best Match for 401(k)s
Of our top 100, these companies give employees the biggest match as a percentage of the bucks their employees sock away.*
Alcon Laboratories 240% match up to 5% of total comp
Sherwin-Williams 100% match up to 6% of salary plus bonus
Amgen 100% match up to 5% of total comp.

The Most Generous Health Coverage

Health care taking a bigger bite out of your paycheck? You're not alone. Many companies, squeezed by rising health-care costs, are asking workers to pay more. But the Best Companies below are exceptions: They pay 100% of all full-time employees' health insurance premiums.
American Cast Iron Pipe
Granite Construction

The Most Paid Time Off
Of our 100 companies, these offer the best combination of paid vacation time plus holidays for full-time workers after they've spent at least one year on the job.

Republic Bancorp 35 days
Amgen 31 days
PricewaterhouseCoopers 28 days

The Most Widely Used Day Care

These companies enroll the most employee kids in regular child care that the employers sponsor, on-site or nearby, when measured as a percentage of the company's U.S. employees.

    Employee kids enrolled     As a % of employees
TOP 3         
S.C. Johnson & Son     450     13.2%
SAS Institute     595     11.7%
Aflac     400     10.2%

The Longest Company-Paid Maternity Leave

Everybody offers some job-protected leave (usually unpaid) and some coverage under disability (pay varies). Just a handful of our 100 offer paid leave beyond the time the mother is "disabled." Here, law firms take the lead.

Alston & Bird 90 days
Arnold & Porter 30 days
MBNA 30 days

The Companies With Lowest Turnover

These firms had the smallest percentage of employees leave voluntarily during the 12-month period surveyed.

S.C. Johnson & Son 1.68%
Harley-Davidson 1.73%
Alcon Labs 1.83%